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Teen Girl Academy

Saving Our Girls While Building Better Women

Our Teen Girl Academy has been in the making for a few years now. Since 2016 we've been serving women into the beautiful life of wellness.

Before we became women we were girls. Young girls facing life's journey the best way we could. Some of us had strong villages and others of us did not. Despite what our circumstances and environments were , we probably all realize now the value of being affirmed, nurtured, encouraged, instructed and loved. We all know by now that the greatest discovery is self discovery through the knowledge of Christ. Our Teen Academy mission is to help teen girls discover who they are because of Christ. It is our mission to bring healing, restoration, and security to the identity as we provide resources that serve emotional needs while building confidence. We are positioned to build a hedge against the traumatizing, destructive ploys of the enemy that seek to interrupt the LIFE of our girls. We are so excited to meet every teen who will be apart of our academy. We are super excited about our launch party in September! Click the view more link and let's begin to build a beautiful hedge around our girls! They need us!