Breakthrough Room

In Person Breakthrough Small Group

Now Enrolling for our class of 2021 Breakthrough Room Group Coaching Sessions!

Are you looking for a safe place to face the hard place? Are you looking for a space to deal with your difficulty and heart wounds so that you can LIVE truly free?

Click here to enroll in our breakthrough room sessions! Here you have ROOM to breakthrough and recover!


Breakthrough Coaching

Personal 1 on 1 Coaching

Need a personal coach?


Contact us for coaching detail and pricing. In person, online and phone coaching available.  I'm ready to coach you into breakthrough!

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Holding Hands

Healing Counsel

For The Deep Matters of The Heart

This service differs from our breakthrough coaching service. A Life coach helps you reach your goals, reach the target and stay focused while using the right tools. 

Healing counsel focuses on what's wrong. By using Through trauma healing tools, this services is to help you process and overcome the deep matters of the heart.