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You've made a life-changing decision. In these 8 weeks, if you are open, the scales are coming off of your eyes and healing is coming to your mind and heart. Not only are you gonna see yourself as God sees you, but you are also moving forward in the plan He has for you! If you are in the valley, prepare for the rescue! Your life is about to leap! It's time to invest in your wellness! This is your greatest investment yet! 



This year I have made it more affordable than any year before this. This is a one-time fee and you get the entire 8 weeks with the curriculum included. Not to mention a life-altering opportunity that's going to make you better!  Don't hesitate! Don't overthink it, give your LIFE a yes!



Note: Online is our priority as the atmosphere of healing, breakthrough, and deliverance is best experienced in our in-person sessions, however, in-person is predicated on getting 5 enrollees. If there are less than 5 in-person enrollees virtual will be the only option.

8 week Breakthrough Course

  • Let us know in the notes of your purchase if you want in person or virtual option.

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