Auntie Kim's Scholarship

To know her was to receive the gift of life. Her voice, her heart, her hand, her presence, all gave life. Simply because she shared Jesus by every breath that she breathed. Kim Buford was a member of The Breakthrough Room Class of 2020. The week after our graduation she completed her purpose in the earth and is now resting with the one who she so passionately served and shared with us all. One of the greatest challenges that Auntie Kim praised her way through was her  recovery journey after suffering a stroke that was expected to be her demise. After beating doctors reports she became a walking miracle, literally. She lived with the intent to be an example of what it is to continue in faith under hardship. We watched how she went from being weak and immobile to step by step increasing in strength and mobility one day at a time. In the midst of her own struggles, she gave us Jesus. She proved that faith forms perspective. It changes the way we go through. She went through victoriously and now she is resting in victory.

In her memory, we have developed the Auntie Kim's Scholarship. She was a light that still shines. She lived making people better. She was the epitome of a giver and her legacy will continue to give. 

Each year this scholarship will be awarded to women who desire to enroll in Beyond The Break Academy but can not afford to.

If you are facing financial challenges and desire to enroll in our coaching program, click the link and submit the application.

If you would like to donate to this scholarship and help us continue to carry out this beautiful legacy please click the donate button.