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Breakthrough is Here!

Last year God spoke that 2023 would be record-breaking for real deliverance and divine healing. His Word is yet active. This has indeed been a new season for most. The birthing of this season has been challenging for many. Although God's Word has assured a promising beginning, for some, the process has come with weary days and long nights. Here we are at the start of a brand new year and it's time that you soar. Is it possible that you need restoration from what you walked through in 2023? Or perhaps you've made up your mind that it's time to break the trauma-induced cycles that have been roadblocks to your progress and stability! Whatever it is that has debilitated your movement. Help is here! What your soul needs is right here in God's strategic assignment for your life through this 8-session course of BTBA.

Beyond The Break Academy 

is ready to release the Lord's healing in your life. The healing that Jesus paid for makes you whole! Nothing missing, nothing lacking. God will restore. From years of pain, you will heal. From the history of trauma, you will break free. Your time is NOW!  Don't sit and think about


You can't waste any more time rehearing the story and the truth is you can't reverse the story you've lived, BUT FORWARD is ALWAYS available.


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